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Text expansion for Windows

What is Text Expander?

TextExpander ® is a popular tool for Mac OSX that expands text when a user types a short acronym. It also features some macros and handy customization snippets.

Jitbit AutoText = a similar text expander for Windows

Just like TextExpander®, Jitbit AutoText saves your time and keystrokes with abbreviations for your frequently-used text strings. Use the AutoText app to avoid typing the same phrase over and over again.

And just like the Mac-based TextExpander, AutoText can insert the current date, time, special characters and cursor positioning macros.

Import from Mac TextExpander

AutoText can even import your TextExpander snippets. Just export your TextExpander folder to a file, move that ".textexpander" file to your Windows machine and select "Tools - Import - Import form Text Expander" item in the menu.

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